Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lincoln Society on the Move

Pictured here is DSA's project to move the Lincoln Society's new Tomb to the lot next door on Chapel Street in New Haven. Really a historic two-family house built in the late 1800s, this structure is referred to as a Tomb because the Lincoln Society is a "secret society" located nearby the Yale University Campus. DSA's work involved site planning, foundation engineering, and designing a new basement level living unit for the Society's members. The relocation of this old house is being made in conjunction with the development of a 136 unit housing project at this prominent Chapel-Howe Street intersection. This site contributes to the Dwight District Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places. Once realized, these two projects combined will realize a key component of DSA's Vision and Strategic Plan for the Chapel West Special Services District in 2005. Colin Caplan photo.
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