Friday, October 24, 2014

2014 Hawaii BIM Camp

On October 23rd Aaron Wagner, DSA's BIM Manager, spoke at the annual Hawaii BIM Camp located at Ala Moana Hotel. Over the years Aaron has become a frequent speaker and shares his knowledge on building information modeling. This event is geared towards the architects, owners, engineers, drafters, builders, and the techies of the field.


Aaron's solo presentation consisted of Revit Information Reporting, the ability to extract the specific and appropriate information needed to distribute building data within developed Revit projects. And he then partnered with Matt Bickel to teach the best practices and tech tools on the main parts of a BIM Project by using firsthand experiences of community projects in Hawaii.
Niu Valley Middle School Workshop Part 2

Last week Sakamoto-Newman JV Architects directed the second series of design workshops at Niu Valley Middle School. Great minds came together to facilitate input on the design process.

Experimenting with spaces using the modeling blocks.
DSA Credit.

Sakamoto-Newman JV Architects administered classroom activities that allowed the participants to configure modeling blocks to assess the furniture and potential space. As well as a stake-out and site model activity to observe the perimeters.

Stake-out and site activity to understand space and perimeters.
DSA Credit.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Panel of Discussion with Howard Hughes Representatives and Michael Palladino 

Dean Sakamoto, FAIA; Michael Palladino, FAIA; Judith Stilgenbauer, MLA
DSA Credit.

Guest lecture hosted at the University of Hawai`i Manoa School of Architecture with the American Institute of Architecture Students Hawai`i Chapter (AIAS) and Howard Hughes Corporation. Senior partner, Michael Palladino, from Richard Meier & Partners Architects talks about their involvement with Howard Hughes and the development in Ward Village.

Dean Sakamoto and Judith Stilgenbauer, faculty member at the School of Architecture, were invited as guest panels with Michael.
HPR Interview: Makiki Walking Tour with Docomomo

Dean Sakamoto, Docomomo Hawai`i Board Member, joined Chris Vandercook at Hawaii Public Radio (HPR) on September 30th to discuss the Makiki Walking Tour that will be taking place on October 11th. Dean explained that in the late 50's and 60's, Honolulu saw a demand for family homes. The building boom created opportunities for Hawai`i architects to build on everything they had learned about urban design. Now Docomomo Hawai`i, a non-profit dedicated to preservation of modern movement buildings, will lead a walking tour of nine apartment buildings, built in the mid-century. 

To listen to the interview click the following link: