Friday, September 19, 2014

World Language Classroom Complex Design Workshop at the Niu Valley Middle School

Sakamoto-Newman JV Architects conducted its first design workshop to kick-off the World Language Classroom Complex at Niu Valley Middle School. The design team facilitated two-days of site analysis and concept planning with DOE administrators and Niu Valley MS faculty. This project is one among the first of the Hawaii DOE’s 21st Century School Initiative program. Dean Sakamoto introduces the workshop.

Richard Munday, AIA, discussing with Patrick O'Brien, D.O.E.
DSA Credit.

SFCA Board Appointment

Pictured (from left) is Jonathan Johnson, executive director; Karen Tiller
Polivka, commissioner; Barbara Saramines-Gannes, chair; Dean Sakamoto,
commissioner. James Gonser photo credits.

Dean Sakamoto was sworn-in today, September 17th, to serve as commissioner on the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts Board. He was appointed by Governor Neil Abercrombie to serve a four year term at this post which entailsguiding policy and commissioning for this agency under the Department of Accounting and General Services. Sakamoto will serve on the Art in Public Places Program committee which oversees the State's permanent andrelocatable public art collection as well as the Hawaii State Art Museum (HiSAM).

For more information on SFCA see:

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

21st Century School Design for the Tropics

Dean Sakamoto organized and moderated a roundtable discussion, at the University of Hawaii Manoa Campus: School of Architecture, of local architects and academics that included: 

Mark Ayers, AIA, LEED AP, Ferraro Choi
Cathi Ho-Schar, AIA, Collaborative Studio
Kyle Hamada, Collaborative Studio
Stephen Meder, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Richard Munday, AIA, Newman Architects
Dean Sakamoto, FAIA, LEED AP, Dean Sakamoto Architects
Jonathan Weintraub, R.A., Hawaii DOE Facilities Design Branch

To discuss the changes and needs for a 21st century learning space and how to adapt to the conditions. Each professional provided a short presentation on their specialized project afterwards a lively student/professional discussion and Q&A.