Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hawaii Children's Discovery Center Founder & Chinese Researchers Visit New Haven

Loretta Luke Yajima, the magnanimous founder and president of the Hawai`i Children's Discovery Center stopped in New Haven today. Loretta is working with the Beijing-based Children's Museum Research Center (CMRC) to plan and realize numerous children's centers throughout China. Her center in Honolulu is an incredible story: it was a former city trash incinerator converted into a place which fosters continuous creativity and multi-faceted development among island keiki (kids). Thanks to the CMRC and the Lao Niu Foundation, China's youth will will thrive in this way. This is fantastic news for the world! A visit to the Luckey Climbers workshop to check on the status of an imaginative play structure designed by Spencer Luckey and his team was the objective of her Elm City junket. Loretta was accompanied by Ni Zhang, Xuecheng Zhou and Sarah Li of the CMRC. Dean Sakamoto, pictured with Loretta above, was on the original design team of the Hawai`i's Children's Discovery Center during the early 1990s and was thrilled to help host the CMRC Team. Special thanks to Enrique Rosado of the Erwin Hauer studio. Sarah Li photo.
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