Sunday, June 8, 2014

Urban Observation 

Children's Discovery Center surrounded by homeless camp

This is no scout camp in the foreground to the Hawai`i Children's Discovery Center in the Kaka`ako Makai district of Honolulu. It is a tent city in the public right-of-way which has plagued the area for several years now. It is ironic and heart-wrenching to see families - elders, children and working-age adults - living in this State-owned precinct where recently legislated City & County of Honolulu rules which do not allow street side dwelling should be enforced in what is touted as Honolulu's "urban village". This is an urban issue par excellance which needs to be addressed now. The Children's Discovery Center, an anchor of Kaka`ako Makai since 1998, has thus far, tolerated consequences of this situation. Action is needed now. 
Dean Sakamoto photo
See link to a recent news story on this issue:

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