Sunday, March 17, 2013

Airport Terminal Design Matters

Walking through the American Airlines Terminal at JFK, designed by AECOM and completed in 2008, is a reminder how transportation facility design matters as a joyful and efficient first/last impression of a destination. While not extravagant, this terminal is simple in layout, has abundant natural and discreet artificial lighting, uses a durable and attractive material palette, and is lined with retail shops that seem to be placed by a museum curator. However, the best part of this experience - which could not be photographed - is TSA's pre-check security station; no need to remove shoes and pull out laptops sans the humiliation of a pat-down. As the expert traveler next to me said, "This is almost like the old days." Cities with aging, cluttered and poorly designed airports with brutal security protocols beware: your destination is only as good as your aviation architecture! Dean Sakamoto photos

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