Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Modern Honolulu Slide Show

Bishop Museum historian Desoto Brown presented a compelling set of archival ephemera featuring mid-century Honolulu at Docomomo_US Hawaii Talk Story event tonight. Local businesses, people and modern architecture shot by professional photographers were the subjects of Desoto's narrated show in vintage black & white. From his archivist perspective, Desoto emphasized the key role played by commercial photographers such as Robert Wenkam who artfully captured the moment and the importance of proper archiving to preserve historic record. Never seen before, this presentation is a "must see" for others who have interest in the modern roots of our mid-Pacific metropolis. Thanks to Docomomo_US Hawaii resident historian Don Hibbard and Desoto Brown! Photo of first Toyota for sale in Hawaii in 1959, courtesy of Bishop Museum.

For more info on Docomomo US_Hawaii see https://www.facebook.com/docomomohawaii

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